Medical Tourism at N clinic & Honmachi N clinic

Hello everyone, I’m Dr Nakasato , the president of N Clinic.

This time, I would like to introduce N Clinic’s medical tourism ,because I want not only Japanese patients but also more patients overseas to know about N Clinic’s new cell therapy (regenerative medicine)and shockwave therapy .

 The new cell therapy of N clinic is the treatment content with the most advanced core of regenerative medicine in Japan. Moreover, I was able to get approval at the outpatient level for the first time in Japan in March 2024.

 In addition, the cell culture facilities at our clinic are cultured, tested and shipped under strict management by a company called Kaneka, which is proud of Japan. In Kaneka, the same rules as strict management under the Pharmaceutical Machinery Act that handles iPS cells and other domestic cells are applied. In that sense, the quality is guaranteed. In addition, the number of cells also provides the highest level of 100 million cells. Kaneka dares to order tests for the presence or absence of infection of cultured cells from the third institution, so it takes 6 to 7 weeks from fat collection to the target 100 million cells, which is a little longer than other facilities, but it takes strict management. Because the period is needed.

Medical Tourism at N clinic & Honmachi N clinicWell, what’s new and different about our cell therapy from other medical institutions is that there are two channels of cell administration. In addition to the conventional administration method of putting stem cells into the joint cavity, our clinic also administers cells into the bones. It is a content that will surely satisfy those who have had little effect on cell administration in the joint cavity so far. It’s a way that it should have been like this.

 The causes of pain in knee osteoarthritis are pain derived from synovitis in the joint cavity and pain derived from the subcartilage, that is, bone. Pain derived from the synovial membrane can be handled by intraarticular administration, but for pain derived from the bone cannot be handled by intraarticular administration. So we decided to inject stem cells into the bones. By doing so, you can expect to improve the pain derived from the bone and the improvement of the pathology of the subcartilage, and the nutrition for cartilage can be strengthened and cartilage regeneration can be expected.

 Overseas, BMAC (bone marrow aspirate concentrate) and PRP are put into the bone and produce excellent results. In Japan, a major regenerative medicine country, even more powerful self-fat-derived mesenchymal stem cells can be put into the bones. We started administering stem cells into both joints and bones.

 If you receive cell therapy with this content, you can expect that you will not have to perform artificial joint replacement for the next 10 years. Please come to N Clinic for this wonderful new and powerful cell treatment.

Price regenerative medicine

APS(into joint)+ESWT (focus +radial) 3,250 USD+tax10%
MSC 100 million cell(into both joint and bone)+ESWT (focus +radial) 13,000 USD+tax10%
MSC 200 million cell(into both joint and bone)+ESWT (focus +radial) 19,500 USD+tax10%

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